Remove all insects..!

Fumigation through spraying with recommended odorless and non-irritating insecticides by Hand sprays & Power sprays ULV fogging & thermal fogging for the control of all kind of vectors, crawling and flying, reptiles & rodents’ control by placing rat baits in bait stations made by European countries and placing nonpoisonous & non smellive glue traps and mechanical traps and can be used live catch bait stations as per physical requirements.
“We Use Imported Chemicals”
Why your next-door fumigation services do not work anymore? we think they do not have the solution anymore! read below to know, how! Generally, people often restrict their understanding of pest control services as fumigation only; this is also due to the unlicensed businesses running in the city who apply single method to all complex pest issues. You are welcome here to go through the brief understanding of professional standards of fumigation services.
Firstly, there should be a clarity that pesticides are poison with hazardous impact on human health and environment and should be spread as minimum as possible. (Therefore, extensive chemical usage only shows lack of knowledge).
Secondly, you should verify if the pesticide brand is certified from a recognized body like WHO, ISO-9001, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or similar body.
Dynamic Services Providing an Edge Dynamic Services ‘ existing clientele is thoroughly satisfied with our preventive approach to eradicate pests. Through our general fumigation services, we treat a vicinity by targeting the entry and breeding points of pests, cracks and crevices. We also fog the area to eradicate the existing pests. The treatment becomes a prevention for cockroaches and general pests. But, if there is an existing and ongoing infestation of cockroaches, rodents or bedbugs then specialized solutions are recommended to eradicate the particular pests. Visit our services page of termite control, bedbugs’ control, rodent control, cockroach control for further information.
Why Dynamic Services Is The Solution Stop Where Other Service Providers Fail?
We use authentic and certified chemicals which are not harsh for the pests and safe for humans. In case of heavy pest infestation, we complete cycles of chemical application after regular intervals in order to eliminate their current infestations, we also guide our client the reason of identified pest infestation and preventive measure for long term protection. This is only possible with specific pest control knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, there are lesser number of companies with good professional knowledge of pests and pesticides.
Therefore, the use of pesticide is increasing being detrimental for human health and environment.
Moreover, non-professional vendors are unaware of pest biology and behavior and do not know that pests get immune to one medicine so it becomes ineffective.
Pests become stronger after getting immune to one kind of medicines and it becomes difficult to control their population, especially in case of cockroaches. Increasing dilution of pesticide will also not increase efficacy but that will pollute the environment as well as increase pesticide resistance.
Do not forget to follow the instructions below when approaching a fumigation company:
• Try to be specific in explaining the pest problem you are facing, so that the service provider becomes well aware of the symptoms.
• Stay assured that the service provider has been able to identify your pest problem and question them about their offered solution.
• You must ensure all safety precautions before starting the treatment.
• Odorous (with smell) and odorless (without smell) medicine both are effective so don’t force the service provider to use odorous chemical.
• Authentic odorless fumigants are better for your facility environment.
How does Dynamic Services carry out the fumigation procedure?
Dynamic Services works in a systematic manner to exercise pest management. Our workforce is well trained to operate with a standardized procedure for maintaining professionalism and quality inspection of the entire premises to identify problem areas of cockroach control, lizard control, mosquito control and fleas’ control.
1. Firstly, spraying is done through pumps to reach each hidden corner.
2. Cold fogger is used to produce a fine mist of medicine with residual effect spreading across your vicinity.
3. The fumes stick on the walls for future controlling of flying or crawling pests. We make sure every inch of the area gets completely pest free along with the false ceilings. Our team of workers is thoroughly familiar with application procedures, safety equipment, first aid treatment and disposal procedures.
4. The application of fumigants is limited to areas, spaces, items or commodities that can be tightly enclosed. Dynamic Services offers fumigation services Lahore. We have a diverse residential and commercial clientele in all areas.