Dynamic Group

Dynamic Group

Rodents are not welcome here

Dynamic Services specializes in applying the latest techniques of rat control in most sensitive areas like food production factories, IT networking infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, corporate settings and residential sector. Rodent control in Lahore is not an easy job due to the climatic conditions and non-regulated open building structures.

Dynamic Services not just randomly kills rodents but offers a complete rodent control program.

We're experts in the eradication of rodents.

MONITORING: Inspection of complete rodent infestation, identifying conditions of the external building with respect to open entry points for rodents; suggestions for improvement such as repairs to structures or further action required etc.
SANITATION: Dynamic Services proposes complete sanitation of the area for controlling the production of rodents.
PROOFING: Dynamic Services extends complete rat proof spaces with different methods (depending on the particular requirement). Our intense inspections and detail knowledge about rat behavior, type and biology, let us identify exact problem and help.

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